If this article is true then they were released immediately without charges unless they broke the law in some other way. Flying a drone is not illegal, never has been and won't be unless Congress says so.


09/29/2015 10:22am

This is prohibited to flying any drones across the border and find an example of "Flying drones in NY", few peoples are arrested due to that violation as well.

01/30/2016 7:02am

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05/22/2016 11:34pm

Is flying a drone really not illegal?

06/05/2016 7:18am

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06/24/2016 6:18am

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08/10/2016 2:14am

These drones are even more popular now. I don't think it is illegal. It will be just stupid.

09/19/2016 8:03am

Drones are everywhere now. It is like pandemic!

10/07/2016 9:50pm

There are unlimited ways of using a simple quadcopter or an extremely advanced aerial machine that comes equipped with the latest functions, such as GPS, optical sensors, high resolution camera, and much more.

12/07/2016 9:23pm

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